The sleep medicine center opened a new diagnostic suite at the Holiday  Inn in downtown Bridgeport.

The hotel is renting out six rooms to the hospital, four of which will be  used for sleep studies on patients concerned about sleep apnea and other  problems. Patients would still go to the hospital for follow-up visits  and consultations.

Conducting sleep studies at hotels is something hospitals across the country  have experimented with, said Armand  Wolff, medical director for the sleep center. Being tested for a sleep  disorder at a hotel, for many people, is more appealing than going through the  same process at the hospital, Wolff said. “It’s certainly more comfortable for  our patients,” he said. “The rooms are much bigger here.”

Wolff said the hotel setting is particularly nice for pediatric patients, who  make up a growing percentage of the sleep medicine center’s clients. One of the  rooms in the suite is designed for kids, with two double beds, so parents can  sleep near their children as they’re tested. Patients also get to enjoy most of  the amenities offered to hotel guests, including high-speed wireless Internet,  use of the hotel’s parking garage, pool and fitness center and, of course, a  complimentary breakfast buffet after the completion of sleep studies.

The Bridgeport Holiday Inn is at 1070 Main St. For more information on the Bridgeport  Hospital Center for Sleep Medicine, call 888-357-2396.

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