Watermark  Medical Inc, Boca Raton, Fla, recently announced that it will offer CareFusion’s  NOX-T3 Home Sleep Testing (HST) device for the diagnosis of obstructive  sleep apnea (OSA). The NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor will be available  through Watermark Medical’s network and will expand the company’s HST  product line, which already includes the ARES wireless HST device.

“We are excited to add another HST option to our current offering,”  said Charlie Alvarez, president of Watermark Medical. “As obstructive sleep apnea(OSA) awareness increased and insurance companies are mandating a home sleep test option, availability of the CareFusion NOX-T3 home sleep testing device allows us to further expand the Watermark Medical platform and allow  other HST devices to access our extensive physician, sleep lab, and DME  networks.”

CareFusion’s NOX-T3 features an array of sleep sensors, including a  Bluetooth receiver. The product will be available via Watermark  Medical’s nationwide network in Q3 2011.

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