Is your child overtired? Overscheduled?  Overstimulated? Is the home chaotic? Is your child getting enough sleep? Do they have a  routine before going to sleep at night?

It is most important to evaluate sleep problems. The ADHD symptoms could be the result of sleep  apnea or too much stimulation from electronics in general – but especially  before bed. (Electronic light exposure prior to bedtime can decrease melatonin  production, making it harder to fall asleep).

There are also a host of natural alternatives to  stimulants for ADHD. During  the day, kids showing symptoms of ADHD need extra, structured movement to help  normalize energy levels. Such activity can include a regimen of walking daily  for prolonged periods of time.

Parents should also avoid foods that rob the body of  magnesium, like soda and caffeine. It’s a good idea to plan a diet high in natural  magnesium, with at least one serving of a true dark green vegetable, like  spinach, and also a handful of nuts. (For young children, parents can consider  juicing spinach and/or slowly increasing the amount of dark greens in a soup or  introducing fruits juiced with ever increasing amounts of greens).[ Read Complete Post By Dr. Robert Tozzi At Fox News …   ]

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