Conditions such as diabetes,  sleep apnea and depression that are well-controlled are “not a terrible risk,”  and people can get life insurance at reasonable rates.

It would be a good idea to shop around if you have a health  condition that makes getting life insurance a challenge.  Insurers have all  developed their own underwriting guidelines, and some are able to offer better  rates for applicants with certain medical conditions.

Guaranteed life insurance is another option if  you’re looking for coverage with no health questions asked and no physicals  required. But the amount of coverage offered is usually quite limited, the  premium will be very high, and if you die within the first year or two, your  loved ones will likely receive only the premiums you’ve paid and any interest  earned.

Consumers  should get life insurance  when they’re young and in good health.

Patience and flexibility also are virtues if you  have heart disease or another heart ailment. Someone who recently suffered a heart  attack might have to wait for approval because insurers don’t know if  they’ll take care of themselves or not.

However, if you’ve had a heart attack – or other  serious health problems – you’ll have a much greater chance of getting insurance down the road if you quit smoking,  lose weight and start exercising, you’ll have a far greater chance of getting  insurance down the road.

(Source: Insurance.Com )

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