The¬†perfect pillow is the pillow that suits you best’ is the new launch statement for an Australian company that has a developed a unique way of selecting the perfect pillow. No longer is it a guess as to which pillow suits you perfectly and they guarantee it 100%.

Sleeping problems are now recognised as one of the greatest health issue  facing us today with the rise in snoring, sleep apnea and insomnia increasing at an alarming rate. Sleeping is often taken for granted until it no longer happens and an Australian company is doing its part in helping people develop a comfortable sleeping pattern.

Pillows Made to Measure is a company that specialises in pillows and was founded by Dr Andrew Macfarlane D.C, D.O. a Chiropractor and Osteopath with over thirty years of clinical experience dealing with patient’s trying to find the perfect pillow.

Andrew holds a world patent on the Neck Compression Rule that for the first time allows you to be measured for a pillow so that is suits your build, your bed and your sleeping habits. In fact you cannot buy one of their pillows in store but only by being measured with one of their registered Healthcare Professionals or by ordering a free Personal Pillow Measuring kit from their web site at

Any pillow designed for neck or back pain can be called chiropractic, physiotherapy, orthopaedic pillows, or even an anti snoring pillow but they are all designed to a standard formula and are not necessary the right size for your individual sleeping needs. So they will not necessarily give you the sleeping comfort and support you need and want.

Pillows Made To Measure researched the world for different types of pillows from memory foam, gel pillows, foam pillows and even water pillows but decided to manufacture natural latex pillows, a more durable and comfortable material that is environmental friendly and allows their pillows to be naturally hypoallergenic and great for allergy and asthma sufferers.

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