Many mothers and wives often say one of the things they miss since motherhood  began is a good night’s sleep. There are many culprits that steal Mom’s restful  time, but one of the biggest can be a snoring partner. But there’s a solution  called VitalSleep Stop Snoring  Mouthpiece that’s affordable for husbands who snore,and their wives who are  kept awake.

“Restful sleep never happens for a snorer… or the people who love them,” says entrepreneur David Hernandez, “And it’s usually the woman who’s kept awake  because, scientifically, men are twice as likely to be snorers than women. When  every night consists of a nudge here, and a poke there, VitalSleep can end the  war some wives face to get a good night’s rest.”

Upon a visit to the dentist to uncover a solution to his snoring, he was  prescribed a mouthpiece that allows more air to flow freely to alleviate  snoring. The problem is the device came with a huge price tag of $3,000. He  asked his doctor for a more economical solution, but there wasn’t one, so that’s  when Hernandez conferred with Dr. Richard Koffler M.D.

Together, they created VitalSleep – a revolutionary anti  snoring device with three goals in mind. One, it had to help alleviate  snoring, and two, it had be low-cost to produce. The third point was that any  snoring device needed to be affordable too. That’s why VitalSleep is available  for a single payment that’s under $50, opposed to an ‘installment plan’ that’s  popular with many stop snoring appliances. In addition, this FDA cleared, mandibular advancement device is fully  customizable so it’s beneficial for patients on a tight budget, or those with no  insurance.

“What’s great about this device is the affordability factor,” says Hernandez. “Too often couples suffer with snoring because the remedy is too expensive or  they try over the counter solutions that don’t provide any real relief. With  VitalSleep though, it can be adjusted to suit the severity of snoring.”

How VitalSleep Works

It functions by opening the mouth and positioning the lower jaw forward,  which improves airflow because the person’s tongue is no longer blocking their  air passage. When this happens, there is an increase roat, which is the cause of  snoring. This is why ‘nose strip’ anti-snoring solutions, or appliances that  can’t be modified, often don’t work.

Hernandez stresses that sleep apnea is slightly different from loud snoring.  Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and might require more costly  equipment. In fact, VitalSleep is even a device that requires a prescription for  a Class II medical device so it’s important to see a doctor who can make a clear  distinction of the sleeping condition. However, once a diagnosis is made,  VitalSleep might be a low-cost solution to snoring for patients… and their  loved ones.

“We offer users a 30-day guarantee and a 1 year warranty too because we know  how many couples VitalSleep can benefit if they’d just try it. Again, it’s not  just Dads who suffer, but Moms who have to sleep with a snorer every night,” explains Hernandez. “If you can’t  spend $3,000 on an anti-snoring mouthpiece, VitalSleep is a realistically  affordable option that’s worth exploring.”

For the countless number of mothers who spend the night nudging ‘dad’,  VitalSleep could prove to be a novel idea for mom this May…while providing her  some much-needed rest.

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