Former USC football star Petro Papadakis, who currently hosts the KLAC AM 570 afternoon radio show, announced that he had received successful treatment for sleep apnea and snoring from Dr. Jonathan Greenburg.  Dr. Greenburg fitted Papadakis with a patent-pending appliance that is customized to each person’s mouth and tongue.   Papadakis commented, “It’s been a great alternative to the CPAP for me.  Dr. Greenburg is an innovator and visionary and his Snore No More Device enables me to sleep on planes and at my house without disturbing the peace.  The dental device opens your airway just like the CPAP and is much less cumbersome.“

Dr.Greenburg commented, “Petros is one of many sleep apnea or snoring sufferers who find the CPAP machine uncomfortable and too difficult to use.  Our custom fitted oral appliance treatment program gently repositions the tongue away from the airway at night and is ideal for patients like him who are either CPAP intolerant or travel often and wish to not have to take a CPAP machine with them.”

Petro Papadakis was treated with a patent pending bio-engineered designed oral appliance that directly addresses the tongue and was invented by Jonathan Greenburg, a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and one of the foremost dental experts on Sleep Apnea. The appliance is customized to each person’s mouth and tongue in order to gently move the tongue away from the airway. The appliance offers relief for even the most severe cases of sleep apnea and is particularly suited for patients who are CPAP intolerant.

Jonathan Greenburg, DDS is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, as well as a Bio-Engineer, who exclusively treats sleep apnea, snoring and CPAP Intolerance, and is extremely involved in the advancement of oral appliance therapy to treat mild, moderate, and severe obstructive sleep apnea.  He is founder of the Snore No More Treatment Centers, which are located in Beverly Hills, Encino, Pasadena, Newport Beach, and Valencia, CA. This practice is exclusively for CPAP Intolerant patients, especially those with severe obstructive sleep apnea.  For more information contact the Patient Care Staff Coordinator at Snore No More Treatment Centers-Pamela Evans at 888 317-6673 or 818 205-1122

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