WideMed Ltd.  has obtained EU CE Mark for its mobile sleep apnea system Morpheus Ox for home use. The system is based on a device made by Nonin Medical Inc. and WideMed’s mobile application and Morpheus platform for monitoring sleep apnea.

The device’s interface receives photoplethysmography (PPH) signals, which are collated by an application developed by the company for mobile telephones.

The Morpheus Ox system can monitor, measure, and analyze snores and send accurate data to a physician about the patient’s respiration, sleep apnea, oxygen levels, and heartbeat during the night.

WideMed said that it plans to begin marketing the Morpheus Ox system in Europe and the Far East during the fourth quarter, and that it undergoing regulatory procedures with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the device for marketing in the US.

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