Getting too much sleep is hazardous to your health — it may lead to  higher risk for obesity, diabetes, and premature death. We’ve been brainwashed  to think we need 8 hours of sleep a night, but sleep requirements vary greatly  by age, stress level, and health. In fact, research suggests 7  hours might be the ideal amount of sleep the average adult needs per night, and  getting 8 or more hours can lead to increased mortality — even more so than  too little sleep!

Getting  a good night’s sleep and that “getting a good night’s sleep is the single best  way you never thought of to improve your abilities and human capital literally  overnight. Not only can too much sleep be bad for your health, it can rob you  of your other 8 hours. If you work 8 and sleep 9, that only leaves 7 hours for  you to pursue your goals and live your life. Every hour, minute, and second you  sleep more than you need to is a complete waste of time and your life.  [ Read Complete Post By Robert Pagliarini   …   ]

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