SleepApneaDisorder/ [  Press Release  ]/ Versailles, Ohio /October 17, 2011/ Sleep Apnea: A Growing Health Concern According to the National Institute  of Neurological Disorders and Strokes, an estimated 18 million Americans have  sleep apnea. However, few of them have had the problem diagnosed.

Sleep apnea is the repeated interruption of normal breathing during sleep.  Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of breathing-related sleep disorder. In patients with OSA, the airway collapses, temporarily restricting  airflow to the lungs. This partial airway obstruction causes the upper airway  tissue to vibrate and produce the sound of the classic snore.

As OSA develops, it has a cumulative effect, meaning that the longer the  disease goes untreated, the greater the negative side effects and associated  health risks. According to numerous  research studies, if sleep apnea remains untreated, other health conditions  may emerge or current health problems may worsen, including:

  •     High blood pressure
  •     Heart disease
  •     Heart attack
  •     Heart failure
  •     Stroke
  •     Diabetes
  •     Depression
  •     Reflux disease (GERD)
  •     Atherosclerosis
  •     Gestational diabetes
  •     Sexual dysfunction

SleepView: A Convenient Option for Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea
SleepView gives physicians another option for testing patients whom they  suspect may be suffering from OSA. Patients can be tested for OSA in their own  bed – without any observers and with just a few sensors attached to measure up  to seven different channels of information, thereby reducing anxiety and leading  to a more natural night of sleep. The comfort and familiarity of being tested in  one’s own home at the direction of their doctor helps patients overcome the  initial hurdle of being tested so that the disease can be effectively identified  and managed.

The SleepView Monitor is lightweight and allows patients to sleep in the  position that is most normal and comfortable to them. The system consists of  three components:

  • A Respiratory Effort Belt, with an affixed monitor  for home recording of sleep, that uses Velcro tabs to secure comfortably around  the   patient’s chest.
  • A Nasal Cannula that connects to the monitor, with  the nasal prongs at its other end for gently inserting into the patient’s  nose.
  • A Pulse OX Sensor that plugs into the SleepView  monitor. Patients slide either index finger into the sensor.

Testing can occur during one night of sleep after the prescribing physician  provides the device to the patient. Once the patient has watched the short  introductory video and administered the test, he or she returns the device to  the prescribing physician. The physician then uploads the sleep test data into a  secure, HIPAA compliant, SleepView web portal where it is scored by registered  polysomnographic technologists and interpreted by board-certified sleep  physicians. The physician schedules a follow up visit with the patient to review  test results, provide treatment recommendations and discusses long-term  management to ensure treatment effectiveness.

The SleepView medical device meets all American Academy of Sleep Medicine  (AASM) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for a  Type III Home Sleep Test. While CMS has found sufficient evidence to support  Type III unattended sleep testing devices to aid in the diagnosis of OSA,  physicians and patients should check with local carriers for more information  regarding reimbursement and coverage.

Quotes attributable to Tom Treon, senior product manager for Midmark:

  •  “Sleep disordered breathing affects millions of  people and is associated with serious health consequences and diminished daily  functionality. The occurrence of OSA in the population is as common as asthma  and diabetes; yet, 85 percent of those with the disease remain undiagnosed and  untreated.”
  •  “One of the main reasons for OSA patients going  undiagnosed or untreated is anxiety about spending a night in a sleep lab.  Midmark’s SleepView combines the comfort and familiarity of one’s own bed  without sacrificing on diagnostic accuracy.”
  •  “Economic studies also have shown that people with  untreated OSA have 200 percent higher healthcare costs than similar people  without OSA.”

About Midmark
Midmark Corporation brings efficient patient care to  millions of people each day in the human and animal healthcare industries around  the world. The most trusted name in medical, dental and veterinary healthcare  equipment solutions, Midmark is committed to providing innovative products and  services for the healthcare professional, integrating value-added technology  into everything it does. With more than 1,400 teammates worldwide, Midmark is  dedicated to making a positive difference in the practice of healthcare.  Headquartered in Versailles, Ohio, Midmark Corporation maintains four  subsidiaries in the United States. To support international healthcare markets,  it holds subsidiaries in France, India and Italy. For more information about  Midmark, visit the company’s Web site at

About CleveMed
SleepView is a registered trademark of and manufactured by  Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. of Cleveland, OH (CleveMed).  CleveMed develops  innovative biomedical devices, and is a leader in miniaturized wireless  telemetry and physiological monitoring devices. CleveMed has developed a growing  range of products that address the needs of those with sleep disorders,  including SleepView, Crystal Monitor PSG series, Sapphire, SleepScout,  DreamPort. CleveMed’s wireless sleep products allow sleep studies to be  conducted remotely, and monitor a wide range of sleep disorder symptoms, while  eliminating the need for typically bulky sleep diagnostic equipment. For more  information, please visit:

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