The American Sleep Apnea Association has recognized CPAP or Continuous Positive Air Pressure as one of the most effective and reliable therapeutic options for the management of mild to moderate sleep apnea. For restoration of normal breathing, choosing the best mask for CPAP is the most critical concern area, especially for patients who are put on this therapy for the first time.

It involves pumping in pre-measured pressurized air directly in to the lungs. One of the most important components of the equipment set is the mask, also known as the sleep apnea masks, since they carry the pressurized air into the lungs generated by the machine.

Reasons why this component should be purchased carefully

– Comfort and ease of use of the item is of paramount importance. Any discomfort can mean discontinuation of therapy.

– Air leakage can mar the efficacy of the therapy. Therefore the item should be bought only after seriously considering various aspects of usage. This is the only way the user can continue with the therapy and enjoy the benefits.

No paucity of variety

People sleep differently and breathe differently too. While some like to sleep more on the back, some prefer to turn on his or her sides; similarly, some use the nose for breathing while others use the mouth. Based on individual needs, there are several types of masks available.

For example, the nose mask is most popular. It covers the nose only. Then there is the nose and face mask that covers both and is held in position with the help of an extra chin strap. For users who use the mouth for breathing, the CPAP full face mask is best. The whole face is covered with this variety, starting from the bridge of the nose and extends up to the lower lip covering the chin. There is an additional strap at the forehead and mouth for better fit.

Masks are usually made from soft silicone, a material some users may be allergic to. For such users the CPAP gel mask is the best alternative. The material is such that it matches the contours of the face and nose perfectly. Additionally, the material can easily be molded to suit the users’ facial profile so that pressure points are alleviated resulting in extra comfort.

Tips on selecting Best Mask For CPAP

  1. Keep in mind the sleeping posture, head circumference and breathing patterns
  2. Never buy before trying out the product. Going for one size smaller makes better sense.
  3.  Though online purchase is possible, for first time users, buying it from an off-line retailer makes more sense.
  4. For new users, choosing the nose mask is better since it only covers the nose and held in position with the help of an elastic strap. Nose cushions are additional accessories with such products for adding more comfort.
  5.  If you are a mouth breather the best option is the full face variety.

Tips to get the best value for money:

  1. Tight sealed products are best. Ensure that the item fills all the small nooks and crevices around the nose and mouth for preventing any possible air leaks.
  2. The product should neither be too tight nor too loose.
  3.  To retain your preferred sleeping posture, make sure that the straps and headgears are supportive.
  4.  While focusing on choosing the best mask for CPAP, do not ignore the hose that is part of the equipment. The tubing should never go beyond 12 feet as longer tubes cannot sustain air pressure for too long.

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