According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes,  Sleep Apnea remains a growing health concern with an estimated 18 million  Americans suffering.  Sleep Group Solutions offers home sleep testing (HST)  devices (and interpretation), which have become a popular way to allow the  sufferer to get tested in the privacy of their own home, no over night stay in a  sleep lab needed.  The results are easily uploaded by the physician/practitioner  to for a quick diagnosis  of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).

Historically, an overnight sleep study in a sleep lab was the only way to  obtain a diagnosis of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).  Recent advancements in  technology has made its way directly into the consumers hands, creating an  increase in sleep apnea diagnosis

Mary Convey, a US Key Accounts and  Distributor Manager for Embla (the largest company in the world to focus solely  on sleep diagnostics) has noticed a spike in HST.  “We have seen our vast  customer base of Sleep Labs adding home sleep testing to their service lines as  a means to treat more patients and keep up with the market demands.”  To meet  the changing needs of patients, 35% of sleep labs offer home sleep testing as  options.  In turn, patients now have more options to get diagnosed and  treatment.

Now, home sleep test device data is easily uploaded to a secure cloud for  fast and convenient interpretation by a board certified sleep doctor. allows the  physician and/or practitioner to upload an overnight sleep study, sending it  directly to a board certified sleep doctor in their state for interpreting and  diagnosis.  From there, a diagnosis of Oral Appliance Therapy, CPAP Therapy or  other methods are recommended.  Dr. Gregory Carnevale, a sleep doctor in New  York, and part creator of told the Sleep  Magazine, “InterpStudies, was born out of this idea to provide home sleep  study interpretations efficiently and accurately using the most modern  technology, and competitive price.”  Home sleep testing devices are convenient  and cost effective, especially if you don’t live near a sleep lab for testing  purposes.

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