If you’re suffering from sleep apnea and if you are also a habitual snorer a robotic polar bear pillow might be something worth checking out. It has been named as “Jukusui-kun”, and was developed by Wasaeda University’s Kabe Lab in Japan.

The major objective of developing this robotic polar bear pillow is to help those who suffer from sleep apnea and heavy snoring by gently tickling the user’s face.

By tickling the user’s face, this would cause the user to roll onto their side while remaining in a state of deep sleep, or so it has been reported. Rolling onto your side while sleeping has been said to help reduce snoring, so while some of us find it hard to actively sleep on our sides during a deep state of sleep, this is where Jukusui-kun comes in.

Jukusui-Kun uses a microphone, a conductive panel, and a pulse-oxygen meter dressed as a baby polar bear — it’s consistent, if nothing else — the teddy monitors snoring and blood oxygen levels.

Once activated, the bear initiates a gentle tickling maneuver that causes the sleeper to roll over, restarting normal breathing.

“In order for Jukusui-kun to detect that we have started snoring, a pulse meter is attached to the sleeper’s hand together with sensors under the sheets and a built-in microphone, which detects when the user starts to snore and that’s when Jukusui-kun reaches over to tickle their face”,developers observed.

“We have no idea, but if it’s ever commercialized, it may be the creepiest, or cutest”, say the developers.

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