Reggie White, Percy Harvin and now Shaquille O’Neal directly affected by  sleep apnea.  With over 18 Million Americans affected by Obstructive Seep  Apnea (OSA), it remains one of the most potentially dangerous sleep  disorders.  Large neck sizes and high body mass put athletes at a higher  risk of having the disorder.  Sleep Group Solutions, a dental continuing education and technology  company offers free screening and testing to all professional athletes,  including the NFL.

“The NFL Program was created to raise awareness of OSA by offering  complementary screening and treatment to professional athletes.  Our  affiliated doctors such as SGS Medical Advisor Dr. Atul Malhotra from Harvard  Medical School has already diagnosed a handful of athletes, and recommended either Oral  Appliance Therapy, or the CPAP.”  says Rani Ben-David, President of Sleep  Group Solutions.

Sleep Group Solutions instructor, and New York City Dentist Dr. Michael Gelb  adds “Athletes are fantastic candidates for Oral Appliance Therapy.  They are  used to wearing mouth guards during games and at practice, so an oral appliance  is second nature.”  According to the American Academy of Dental Sleep  Medicine (AADSM) oral appliance therapy is a front line treatment for mild to  moderate sleep apnea, and has become a popular means of treatment.

The NFL Program involves connecting athletes with physicians to get a  diagnosis.  Athletes will first do a screener with the Eccovision System  Technology, a device which measures the collapsibility and stability of the  airway.  From there the athlete is given a home sleep test, to get a better  look at the oxygen intake during sleep.   The next day the test is read,  scored and diagnosed by a Board Certified Sleep Doctor.  They will then be  fit for an oral appliance (if the recommended therapy). For more information Log onto 

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