Gaylord Sleep Medicine now offers a full Sleep Apnea Management (SAM)  program at their Glastonbury, Guilford, North Haven and Trumbull locations.

Previously offering patient counseling and education services, the new Sleep  Apnea Management program has expanded to offer PAP (positive airway pressure)  equipment specifically suited to individual patient needs. Originally designed  to improve PAP compliance, the program continues to offer PAP therapy,  one-on-one counseling and follow-up care to maximize the patient’s early  treatment experience and comfort with the PAP device.

In addition, all PAP patients’ progress will be tracked using PAPCenter, a  proprietary compliance management tool. With more insurers requiring sleep medicine providers to report, maintain and improve  their PAP patients’ compliance rates, PAPCenter assists in the management of  patient adherence to PAP therapy. PAPCenter’s unique features collate additional  information about the patient, such as BMI  (Body  Mass Index), blood pressure and weight, as well as tracking all interactions  with the patient (clinic appointments, follow-ups), along with the already  downloaded device data. Once gathered, the system provides a customized snapshot  of a patient’s progress and compliance with their PAP device for the referring  provider.

Gaylord Sleep Medicine is the only fully accredited sleep center in Connecticut offering comprehensive diagnostic and treatment  services for the full array of sleep  disorders across all age groups.

“Accessibility to PAP equipment at the point of care combined with individual  follow-up care ensures more successful treatment outcomes for the sleep apnea patient,” said Keith Dixon, MD and Medical Director of Gaylord Sleep Medicine.

Gaylord Sleep Medicine contracted with Sleep HealthCenters in 2009 to  provide management of Gaylord’s sleep medicine program. Gaylord and Sleep HealthCenters’  similar approach to providing comprehensive sleep medicine services united the two organizations to  promote this unique model of care to the referring provider and patient community in Connecticut.

Sleep HealthCenters is the largest provider of sleep medicine services in New England and is known for its high quality care and its affiliations with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts Eye and  Ear Infirmary and Boston University Medical Group. Sleep HealthCenters’ model of  care includes comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, including sleep  studies, physician consults, sleep therapy devices, patient monitoring, patient  education and follow-up care in a single location.

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