Disturbing forecasts have prompted the Aviisha Medical Institute, LLC to  release a free guide to sleep apnea. A new study published in the Lancet  predicts that by 2030, 164 million Americans will suffer from obesity.

Given  obesity’s high correlation with sleep apnea, experts are beginning to brace for  an obesity-sleep apnea epidemic of epic proportions.

Current estimates predict that 1 in every 5 Americans suffers from mild sleep  apnea and 1 in every 15 from moderate sleep apnea or worse. These numbers are  expected to climb in coming years, and yet most sleep apnea sufferers have no  idea they have the condition.

“Studies estimate that between 80 and 90% of sufferers are undiagnosed and  need treatment,” said Dr. Avi Ishaaya, a sleep boarded physician and Medical  Director of the Aviisha Medical Institute, LLC.

“This is a serious problem when  you consider how untreated sleep apnea can devastate the cardiovascular system  and damage a person’s quality of life.” Sleep apnea has been linked to stroke,  heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, depression, erectile dysfunction, memory  loss, and more.

Underscoring the need to get more people tested and treated for sleep apnea,  the US Department of Health and Human Services recently published its Healthy  People 2020 goals in which increasing “the proportion of persons with  symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea who seek medical evaluation” was listed as  the primary objective for sleep health. “We have a serious lack of awareness  that needs to be addressed without delay,” said Dr. Avi.

To help raise awareness and get sufferers tested and treated, the Aviisha  Medical Institute, LLC has embarked on a wide scale campaign to educate, test,  and treat. Its newest project is the Aviisha  Guide to Obstructive Sleep Apnea, published by Dr. Avi. The guide is free to  download and contains a wealth of useful information about sleep apnea. It is  the only online guide of its kind, written by a certified sleep physician and  covering both testing and treatment.

The guide is a tool for patients to learn about sleep apnea, its symptoms,  consequences, risk factors, and treatment. The guide also contains  questionnaires for patients to complete and give their doctor. The guide is free  to download and share through Aviisha’s relaunched website, www.Aviisha.com. The new website does an excellent job of demystifying the home sleep test, a  test that is offered by Aviisha as an affordable alternative to traditional  laboratory testing. The home sleep test has gained popularity in recent years  with both clinicians and patients because of its convenience, cost, and  accessibility. Aviisha’s  Sleep Well blog is a way for users to stay current with the latest  developments in sleep medicine and the sleep apnea community. The company plans  on developing more content and launching new campaigns through its website and social media  outlets.

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