Gone are the days of an unaffordable oral appliance used to treat the deadly disorder Sleep Apnea.  With over 18 million Americans affected by Obstructive  Sleep Apnea (OSA), it was only a matter of time the market demanded an  affordable and effective oral appliance to treat sleep apnea.  Respire Medical, a Brooklyn based oral  appliance company teamed up with Gergen’s  Orthodontic Lab to provide a significantly less expensive solution to the  worlds Sleep Apnea sufferers.  Dentists can now attend a dental continuing education course  offered by Sleep Group Solutions to learn more the Respire Blue Series and offer an  affordable option.

“As we continue to grow we would like to welcome all of our new clients and  wish them much success in their treatment of OSA with our Respire devices.”   says David Walton, co-creator of the Respire Blue Series.  “Now that we have  been added to the list of Medicare approved devices by the PDAC board, our  Respire Blue Series device is available to more people.”  With a price point  that’s affordable, Respire Medical offers the best value for money across the  market, hands down.

FDA clearance was big step for Respire Medical, not only does it verify the  device is safe, but also that it is effective.  This FDA clearance also provides  peace of mind to many patients.  David Walton and co-creator Walid Raad have  been training Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab in Arizona to manufacture the device.   Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab is the first licensed lab that can make the Respire device.  “This new partnership has been a win for both partners.  Respire and Gergen’s  Orthodontic Lab will be able to offer a much needed option for patients with  sleep apnea.”  adds David Gergen owner of Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab.

To learn more about the Respire Blue Series, attend a dental continuing education course  offered by Sleep Group Solutions, or contact Respire Medical directly.  To find  a dental clinic trained in the Respire device, log onto Sleeptest.com.

Respire Medical was formed in March of 2010 to meet  the needs of doctors and patients in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea  (OSA) and snoring. The team created has a wealth of knowledge and experience to  drive the company forward and push the boundaries of oral appliance treatment.  Both David and Walid have had extensive experience working with Dr. Gelb in New  York City who is world renowned for his work in sleep and TMJ.
In April 2010,  the Respire team received a patent pending on our device. Our unique business  model can deliver OSA treatment to more people than ever before.  In 2011 the  Respire Blue Series attained FDA Clearance.

Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab specialize in  fabricating orthodontic appliances such as TMJ Splints, Flippers, and Retainers,  as well as all types of functional appliances such as the Respire, Herbsts,  Bionators, and Twin Blocks.  Most successful businesses and their customers will  readily agree that such long-term dedication invariably results in a highly  trained and fully competent team that produces work of consistently exceptional  quality. The Gergen’s staff does just that as we provide complete service in  every phase of design and fabrication of our appliances for the orthodontist and  general dentist.

David Gergen has been a nationally respected dental lab technician for over  25 years. Since he received the award for The Finest Orthodontic Technician in  the country given by Columbus Dental in 1986, he has worked for some of the  pioneers n the orthodontic and sleep dentistry fields. He was the personal  technician for the likes of Dr. Robert Ricketts, Dr. Ronald Roth, Dr. A. Paul  Serrano, Dr. Clark Jones, Dr. Harold Gelb, Dr. Joseph R. Cohen and Dr. Thiem  Pham. He started his lab in 1984 and has grown it into one of the most respected  labs in the country employing over 45 people. One of his proudest achievements  is receiving The National Leadership award for Arizona Small Businessman of the  Year in 2004.

Sleep Group Solutions is an airway diagnostic  technology company serving the needs of physicians and dentists interested in  screening, diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and other upper airway  disorders.  Sleep Group Solutions offers the latest screening and  diagnostic equipment solutions for patients with allergy, sinus congestion,  rhinitis, deviated septum, nasal polyps, snoring and sleep apnea.  SGS  offers the most comprehensive dental  sleep medicine CE seminars in the industry focused on teaching dentists the  protocols needed to make the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea part of their  practice.  SGS offers sleep study interpretation, oral appliances (Norad  Boil & Bite, Respire), online  dental directory 1800SleepLab.com and online marketing for CPAP Alternatives, Sleeptest.com.  SGS is the  manufacturer of the Eccovision Systems Rhinometer and Pharyngometer.

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