The Snoring Center’s Newport Beach office will open on January 9, 2012.The Snoring Center, the nation’s leading provider of minimally invasive, office-based treatment for snoring and sleep apnea, including the Pillar Procedure from Medtronic, announced its second California location, in Newport Beach.

“Healthy, restorative sleep is essential to physical and emotional well being. Snoring and sleep apnea are among the most common sleep disorders, interrupting sleep for literally millions of Americans. The Snoring Center’s innovative approach and progressive treatment options have helped people from around the world get a more peaceful night’s sleep. The opening of another center on the west coast gives more people convenient access to the minimally invasive, office-based snoring and sleep apnea treatment they need”,said Dr.Sharen Jeffries, the Medical Director of the Newport Beach office.

Specially trained, Board Certified Ear, Nose and Throat doctors at the Snoring Center offer a variety of treatment options, allowing for customized treatment based on each patient’s anatomy and circumstances. These treatment options include the Pillar Procedure from Medtronic, Coblation of the Nasal Turbinates, Soft Palate Coblation and Laser Tonsil Ablation, as well as the use of oral appliances.

The Pillar Procedure involves the placement of woven inserts into the soft palate. Over time, the body’s natural tissue response to the inserts increases the structural integrity of the soft palate, thereby reducing the vibration that causes snoring and sleep apnea. More than 40,000 people worldwide have been treated with Medtronic’s Pillar Procedure, and The Snoring Center has performed more Pillar Procedures than any other practice in the world.

Coblation of the Nasal Turbinates is a quick, well-tolerated procedure that applies radiofrequency energy to shrink nasal tissue, enlarging the nasal airway. This is often an important component of treatment of sleep-disordered breathing. Because the tissue that is reduced is the same tissue involved in nasal allergy symptoms, this procedure is also effective in providing years of relief to nasal allergy sufferers.

The Snoring Center also offers Home Sleep Studies as an alternative to traditional, lab-based tests. These home-based studies are significantly less expensive, more convenient, and often preferred by patients because they are done in the comfort of one’s own bed. This convenience and comfort may also allow for a more representative night’s sleep.

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