In a shrewd execution of its business plan and growth strategy, Craig Sizer,  Co-founder and Chairman, with Keith Houlihan, Co-founder and President of Sanomedics International Holdings  Inc. announced the signing of a letter of  intent to acquire a strategically targeted durable medical equipment (DME)  provider with a platform in sleep apnea treatment services.  The targeted  acquisition is accredited by the “Healthcare Quality Association.” The operation  with approximately $6 million in revenues and over $1 million in (EBITDA)  earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization is expected to  close in early 2012 upon the completion of due diligence and Sanomedics board  approval.

“The acquisition of a sleep treatment service based operations is an  important step in the growth of Sanomedics,  as well as for the distribution and sales expansion of our ThermoMedics line of non-contact clinical thermometers,”  said Craig Sizer Chairman and Co-founder.

The targeted acquisition has a strong patient base and consistent growth over  the last five years within the sleep disorder treatment market. It also offers a  wide array of durable medical equipment and supplies and over 30 contracts with  skilled nursing facilities which manages healthcare for a rapidly aging  population.

“This acquisition is the first step in our strategy as a sleep medicine  based business, it is a first class operation, with values that fit well with  our business growth objectives,” said Keith Houlihan, Co-founder and President.  “As a pioneer in developing innovative health solutions, this acquisition is a  bridge between the high-technology medical world and the growing home healthcare  environment.”

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