Wanda Lindsay, a woman from Texas woman has made her life’s mission to create awareness among the drivers for sleep apnea and various other sleep-related problems traveling America’s highways.

Wanda Lindsay lost her husband a year ago in an accident when his car was struck by a trucker suffering from sleep apnea. John and Wanda Lindsay were traveling from New Braunfels, Texas to Kentucky to visit family. They were stopped in a line of traffic near a construction zone in Texarkana, Texas when a Celedon tractor trailer slammed into the rear of their car. The accident was fatal and John Lindsay lost his life from the injuries in the accident.

“John was a devoted husband and father, he wanted nothing more than to spent his time doing things for his children and for his grandchildren,” said Wanda Lindsay. 

When the accident took place the truck driver was traveling at 65 miles per hour with his cruise control engaged.

The truck driver was a poster child for sleep apnea. He had all of the signs and symptoms,” said Lindsay.

Wanda Lindsay now hopes to save other families from such types of senseless tragedies. Since her husband’s death, she’s become an advocate for sleep apnea regulations for truck drivers.

Wanda Lindsay recently met with a joint committee of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Medical Review Board. The recommendation was adopted that all drivers with a body mass index of 35 or above be screened for sleep apnea.

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