Snoring is a global health problem in adults especially. Sleep experts believe that using an anti-snoring device is a better way to ease breathing and ensure that the body is getting enough rest.

But in addition to the help from a snoring device, there are a variety of ‘self-help’ techniques people can use to keep the air flowing. Here are seven extremely useful tips for people who snore loud;

1. Maintain a healthy weight
2. Establish a regular routine for sleep (i.e., the same bedtime every night)
3. Sleep on your side, rather than on your back
4. Avoid tranquilizers, antihistamines and sleeping pills
5. Do not drink alcohol for at least four hours before bedtime
6. Do not eat heavy meals or high-calorie snacks for at least three hours before bedtime
7. Consider an adjustable belt where you can tilt the head upwards four inches…or use pillows to achieve the same angle

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