Many women are turning to unnatural remedies to get to sleep.

Research finds more and more women are turning to sleeping pills in order to get their beauty sleep. It’s a problem that’s sending many women to rehab clinics.

A study from the National Sleep Foundation found nearly three in ten women say they take sleeping aids at least a few nights a week.

Doctor Nancy Collop at the Emory University’s sleep center reports that three out of four insomnia patients are female.

She examines more over scheduled soccer moms, stressed out working women, and women undergoing hormonal changes taking pills to help them rest.

“it’s very clear that, you know, women have more problems with it,” says Dr. Collop.

“If they’re using them intermittently you know, a few nights here and there it’s probably not so bad. But we find that most people probably don’t really want to have to depend on taking a sleeping pill every night to sleep.”

Development of dependency on sleeping pills ┬álands a women with being insomniac.Experts at the Klean Rehab Center say many sleepless women become “accidental addicts”.

They start using over the counter sleeping pills, then prescription pills, then stronger medications-and a cycle of dependency starts.

But experts agree, the best way to resolve the problem-figure out the real reason you can’t sleep.

Instead of taking pills, sleep doctors help modify your behavior and figure out what’s keeping you tossing and turning at night.

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