Nemours/Alfred I. du Pont Hospital for Children (AIDHC) and Delaware Sleep Disorder Centers are pleased to announce a collaboration to provide sleep studies for children ages six to 18.

Adequate, restorative sleep is essential to maintaining good health. If a child has difficulty sleeping, a sleep test and subsequent evaluation can help identify the problem. Under this collaboration, tests are done at the Smyrna, Delaware Sleep Disorder Center in a child friendly atmosphere with state-of-the-art equipment for a full range of sleep disorders. Following the testing, Nemours sleep specialists will interpret all studies and are available for consultations.

Under this collaboration pediatric sleep studies have been offered since September. With centers located throughout the state, Delaware Sleep Disorder Centers, LLC, has brought care and relief to thousands of people suffering from sleep disorders. “We help our patients rediscover the simple joy of a full, restorative night’s sleep and a return to a normal, wide-awake life yielding benefits to physical health and emotional well-being,” says Lyron Deputy, CEO, Delaware Sleep Disorders Center.

The Delaware Sleep Disorders Center team, under the leadership of Aaron Chidekel, MD, Medical Director of the Nemours Division on Sleep Medicine, includes board certified physicians in pediatric pulmonology and sleep medicine from Nemours/AIDHC. “This collaboration allows us to enhance services offered by Nemours and extend them to children and their families in Southern Delaware,” says Dr. Chidekel. The Nemours/AIDHC Division of Sleep Medicine, recently accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, offers sleep studies to children of all ages including those with complex medical conditions.

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