excerciseHolidays are usually filled with excitement, fun, food, stress, family and friends, and kindness. This New Year brings good news for everyone with a perfect opportunity to turn things around. It is now time to begin with few basics such as quitting on smoking, 30 minutes of exercise, five days a week (walking is great), eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and achieving a reasonable body weight.

When we talk about goals, it’s very important to set them, but even more important is to sustain them. You don’t want to quit trying after six weeks because the goal was too ambitious. The goal we should all have is to move to a healthier lifestyle. We want to make the changes feel natural so that they’re self-reinforcing. You’ll feel better when you start exercising and eating healthier food, and our hope is that you won’t want to lose that feeling.

When it comes to exercise, walking is the best to start with. It’s easy, it can be social and the health benefits are enormous. Walking also is great for your mental health. Walking can reduce stress and help with depression. In many ways, walking is better than most of the drugs.

But by all means, do whatever moves you when it comes to exercise. If you like being outside, go there. If you like the social aspects of exercise, gyms can be great.

If you’re in your golden years, do as much as you can. There are options including walking, biking, water aerobics, stretching.

One of the challenging things for those of us with busy lives is how to fit exercise into the day. We all have to make some time for it, but it’s possible. We can go for a walk during lunch, get up early and walk the dog, take the stairs at work or just dance around the house.

What about sleep?There are millions of people across the world who don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep often is linked to another condition, such as sleep apnea, which might be a sign that a person needs to take a hard look at their BMI. Often it’s connected to stress.

Have A Happy and Healthy New Year!

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