sleep centerSleep disorders affect millions of Americans each year, and for the cause of addressing the issue Dr. Fakhre Alam decided to open a laboratory, research and treatment facility, the “Advanced Sleep Institute” in Carbondale in October. An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans suffered from sleep-related difficulties in 2011, according to self-reporting statistics compiled by the federal Centers for Disease Control. Sleep apnea is the most common sleep disorder, and it can affect memory, concentration and mood.

Dr. Alam chose Carbondale because the city lacked a sleep disorder center. He also thought it would be convenient for his and others’ patients in Carbondale who suffer from sleep disorders.

Advanced Sleep Institute features four observation rooms with full-size beds, fans, private bathrooms, flat-screen televisions and other amenities. Subjects are monitored using sensors attached to their bodies while technicians observe them with cameras capable of zooming in close enough to read the face of a wristwatch.

Dr. Alam diagnoses sleep disorders using data collected from brain waves, heart rate, breath rate, chest and abdomen movement and leg movement.

Accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the sleep lab is already under process. Advanced Sleep Institute also offers outpatient sleep studies, but Dr. Alam does not recommend the service for people with a history of heart disease or stroke because outpatient studies may not be accurate for those conditions.

People who have untreated sleep apnea, they have depression, they have fatigue and they have a lot of neurological conditions which are associated with sleep disorders. Symptoms of sleep apnea include daytime sleepiness, trouble sleeping or staying asleep at night, an inability to feel refreshed in the morning or morning headaches. Sometimes people with sleep apnea are misdiagnosed with depressions when they are simply not sleeping well at night.

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