drowsy drivingSleep Apnea and Driving

  • Sleeping less than six hours a night and/or snoring triples your risk of falling asleep at the wheel and untreated sleep apnea increases that risk seven times, says the National Sleep Foundation
  • Driving drowsy slows reaction time and impairs ability to make sound decisions
  • Driver fatigue causes 100,000 crashes each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Impaired sleep impacts driving performance much the same way as alcohol; combined, exhaustion and alcohol yield dangerous results on the road

Drowsy Driving Warning Signs

  • Yawning and head bobbing
  • Blurred vision and trouble focusing
  • Missing exits, daydreaming, and not remembering roads just taken
  • Drifting across lanes or crossing the rumble strip

Sleep disruption has many causes but if you continue to experience restless nights or wake up tired, consider a sleep study.

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