couple sleeping styleIn order to understand sleeping behavior of people it is also important to evaluate how couples get along in bed.

These findings indicate the importance of a sleep surface that provides comfort and support from edge to edge, because a relatively small number of consumers sleep cuddled up with their partners.

Most consumers wind up on their own side of the bed at some point in night. And about one in 10 consumers reports sleeping in a separate bedroom from their partner.

This research shows that the older consumers get, the more distant they are from their partners in bed. And that introduces the important issue of mattress size.

This data is tailor made for touting the benefits of king-sized sleep sets for couples sleeping on a queen, and at least queen-sized sleep sets for couples sleeping on a full-sized bed.

Queen-sized sleep sets are the most popular size of bedding sold these days, but that size may not be big enough for many consumers, especially given the trend of each partner of settling into his or her side of the bed. King-size sleep sets increase the size of the retail ticket, of course, and they also help consumers get a better night of sleep in many cases.

And a king-sized bed might help those 9% of consumers who say they and their partner sleep in separate bedrooms. Did those couples try a king-sized bed before deciding to sleep in separate rooms? The amount of additional room that a king bed provides is significant.

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