Businessman Sleeping at DeskMany people who often feel tired during working hours feel that their level of energy is gone down. The fatigue factor is quite high among the working class these days. Need of an urgent nap is the key solution. Unless you have a very understanding employer or you work at one of a handful of companies worldwide, your request will be met with a blank look.

Majority of the companies treat sleep like surfing the internet – something their employees should be doing on their own time.

However, in the United States some big corporate and companies and business houses have started taking deep interest in their workers’ sleeping patterns. The reason is simple: a good night’s sleep means a well-rested staff member can be more productive.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, firms such as Goldman Sachs and Proctor & Gamble are introducing sleep hygiene courses to make sure staff are more alert when there is work to be done. Google, Nike and The Huffington Post are among the names who have that mystical domain – the nap room – a place where most office drones can only dream of going to have an actual dream.

Everybody is aware of the importance of exercise in relation to health and in relation to productivity and companies have already invested in making it possible for their employees to go to the gym. Now they realize that sleep is also quite important. Try and get that extra sleep and it will lead to productivity. Companies are interested in productivity and the health of their employees and they are also interested in safety. In some environments, being sleepy can be a safety risk.

People should ensure that they’re fit for work, If they come into work and require a nap in the afternoon it suggests to me that they’re not getting enough sleep at night and one has to ask why. ‘They should have the responsibility to ensure that they can get a good night’s sleep so they are fit for work the next day and not nodding off all the time.’

Influence of technology into our lives is having an adverse effect on people’s sleeping patterns. Many people are taking their phones to bed and shoving them under their pillow, waiting for a tweet to come through.If you’re a poor sleeper, maybe you should think about whether you need to do all this tweeting or computer gaming or whatever you’re doing at night time. Your brain wants to settle down and relax and do something much more trivial and absorbing rather than something that brings the next email message or tweet or text.

There are large variations between people and some people need more sleep and some people need less. There are times in their life when things are going well and they’re enjoying life that they’ll tend to sleep less naturally, then there are times when they can be miserable and they’ll sleep more. Mood can affect sleep.

Young children and infants need more sleep than adults.  You’re not surprised if a child gets ten or 11 hours of sleep. We all expect that by the time we reach 14, 15 or 16 that, all of a sudden, all of us need eight hours of sleep. We don’t think that’s true. The data suggests that for young people, teenagers and people in their early 20s, eight hours’ time in bed is not enough.

Don’t worry about not getting enough sleep if you are alert throughout the day. If you don’t feel hungry during the day, you’ve eaten sufficient food. If you’re not thirsty, you’re drinking sufficient fluid.

Don’t go to bed until you’re sleepy.People lie there determined to go to sleep and being determined to go to sleep gets you all stressed and you can’t sleep. It’s best to abandon the bedroom. Rather than go back to your iPhone or your computer, you should do something which involves something absorbing, relaxing and distracting.

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