sleepRich people sleep well at night. According to the findings of a recently concluded sleep research study by the Sleep Council a  healthy pay packet is the most important factor in getting a good night’s rest.

The study conducted on more than 5,000 adults found dividing lines based on income, with 83 per cent of people earning £75,000 or above saying they slept very well or fairly well most nights – and had never resorted to sleep remedies.

High earners were more likely to share their bed each night with a partner, but also admit to using their laptop as the last thing they do before going to bed.

At the other end of the scale, a third of unemployed people surveyed in the poll said they slept very poorly most nights. They are also far less likely to share a bed with their partners, according to The Sleep Council.

Nearly a quarter of those working in sales, media, marketing, architecture, engineering and building said they turned to alcohol to help them nod off. Those in arts and culture topped the list of late night drinkers.

Lawyers suffer the least from sleep deprivation and are in bed by 10pm, with City workers coming second.

Architects and engineers complained the most about getting too few hours in bed at night, often blaming a nap in the day for upsetting their body clock.

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