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Sleepapneadisorder/Press Release/New York, NY /While many oral appliance manufacturers from the US to Australia are experiencing cut backs and declines in revenue, New York based oral appliance company, Respire Medical continues to find growth in the fabrication of oral appliances used in the dental treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. Respire Medical continues to grow through partnerships and alliances including; appliance licensing, European expansion, and dental continuing education seminars with Sleep Group Solutions.

Respire Medical has consistently doubled product turnover each year in 2010, 2011 and now 2012. August 2012 (Q3 in general) marks the company’s largest growth in turnover, which is four times greater than the previous August in 2011. The company anticipates similar growth throughout 2013. “We had a solid year of growth. Q3 sales figures have exceeded expectation in a so called ‘down market’, so confidence is high going into Q4,” mentions David Walton, Co-founder of Respire Medical. Mr. Walton equates much of Respires growth to strict quality control, improvement in customer service, and continuing education. Read the rest of this entry

Dr. David Schor and Imagine Advanced Dental Arts, a New Jersey cosmetic dentistry practice focused on aesthetic, general, and restorative procedures, have recently announced the addition of sleep apnea treatment to their list of available procedures for patients who have difficulty with obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Through a number of oral appliances and treatment techniques, Dr. Schor and his practice say they are prepared and excited to help patients sleep more comfortably and reduce future health risks associated with poor sleep and breathing.

As a New Jersey cosmetic dentist, Dr. Schor will now be offering dental treatment for sleep apnea and snoring at his practice, Imagine Advanced Dental Arts. According to the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC), sleep apnea currently affects up to 18 million Americans, an estimated 10 million of which have not been diagnosed, and has been linked to high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. Read the rest of this entry

Dearborn Dentist Treats Snoring and Sleep Apnea

SleepApneaDisorder/ DEARBORN, MI/ January 28, 2012 /PressRelease/ — Patients suffering from sleep apnea and snoring can now seek treatment from Dr. Bruce Luria, Dearborn dentist. Dr. Bruce Luria is currently a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and is pleased to share his expertise with other members of Luria & Birnholtz Family Dentistry and his patients to improve their quality of life.

The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) is dedicated to the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders through use of oral appliance therapy. As part of the AADSM’s stated mission, Dr. Bruce Luria, Dearborn, MI dentist, works with his patients to create a positive public awareness of sleep disorders such as snoring and obstructive sleep apnea in DearbornRead the rest of this entry

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes Sleep Apnea remains a growing health concern with an estimated 18 million  Americans suffering.  Sleep Group Solutions offers dental continuing education  courses, with an emphasis in Dental Sleep Medicine.  With a growing demand for  treatment, SGS is now offering an Advanced course to the dental community,  taught by Dr.  Daniel Tache, Diplomat of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the current  president of the Wisconsin Sleep Society and an instructor for Sleep Group  Solutions.

Now more than ever, dentists are seeking higher education to learn new skills  and protocols on proper treatment methods for snoring and sleep apnea.  Sleep  Group Solutions is currently the leader in dental continuing education for  Dental Sleep Medicine, offering over 60 courses in 2012.

Dentists such as Dr. Larry  Grillo in Aventura, Fl attended a course from SGS and currently is one of  the few dentists in the area screening and treating sleep apnea.  “Treating  obstructive sleep apnea impacts the systemic health of our patients more  significantly than almost any other service we provide. Read the rest of this entry

Gone are the days of an unaffordable oral appliance used to treat the deadly disorder Sleep Apnea.  With over 18 million Americans affected by Obstructive  Sleep Apnea (OSA), it was only a matter of time the market demanded an  affordable and effective oral appliance to treat sleep apnea.  Respire Medical, a Brooklyn based oral  appliance company teamed up with Gergen’s  Orthodontic Lab to provide a significantly less expensive solution to the  worlds Sleep Apnea sufferers.  Dentists can now attend a dental continuing education course  offered by Sleep Group Solutions to learn more the Respire Blue Series and offer an  affordable option.

“As we continue to grow we would like to welcome all of our new clients and  wish them much success in their treatment of OSA with our Respire devices.”   says David Walton, co-creator of the Respire Blue Series.  “Now that we have  been added to the list of Medicare approved devices by the PDAC board, our  Respire Blue Series device is available to more people.”  With a price point  that’s affordable, Respire Medical offers the best value for money across the  market, hands down. Read the rest of this entry

Sleep Complete Program Launched

Henry Schein Inc., the largest provider of health care products and services to office-based practitioners, today announced the launch of its Sleep Complete™ program, a new integrated comprehensive solution that provides all of the information and products necessary for the successful implementation of dental sleep medicine into the dental practice. A key component of this package will be Itamar-Medical’s WatchPAT home test device for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea.The Sleep Complete package will be offered to dentists through a bundled financing package which should significantly lower the financial barrier to entry that often faces dentists interested in incorporating sleep medicine into their practice. Read the rest of this entry

Patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition in which the airway collapses and blocks breathing for 10 seconds or more, may consider adjustable oral appliances (OAs), devices that fit within the mouth to prevent upper airway collapse, as an effective first-line treatment, according to two studies conducted by sleep medicine specialists from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, Md. 

The retrospective, peer-reviewed studies, published in the December 2011 issue of CHEST, the official journal of the American College of Chest Physicians, and in the current issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (JCSM), the official journal of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, provide findings on OAs from the largest patient populations studied to date. The studies found that adjustable OAs are nearly as effective as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment for patients with a mild form of OSA and are more effective than fixed oral appliances, particularly in patients with moderate to severe OSA. Read the rest of this entry

SomnoMed, Inc., the global leader in oral sleep appliance technology, will host a two-day educational course Aug. 5-6 in Chicago to help dentists successfully implement Dental Sleep Medicine within their practices.  The SomnoMed Academy course will introduce dentists to screening and treating patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) through extensive educational and hands-on sessions designed to maximize the latest dental sleep medicine technologies and develop streamlined protocols.

Sleep issues are not new – in fact, the 2002 National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Sleep in America poll found that 74 percent of American adults are experiencing a sleeping problem a few nights a week or more, 39 percent  get less than seven hours of sleep each weeknight, and 37 percent are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with daily activities.

Sleep apnea, considered a sleeping disorder, affects tens of millions of Americans and is associated with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack, stroke, memory/performance problems, depression and higher accident rates. SomnoMed’s SomnoDent® is a custom-made oral device that positions the lower jaw slightly forward of its usual position. This has the effect of keeping the airway open, preventing snoring and treating the serious chronic condition of OSA.

SomnoDent is a unique solution for treating OSA that has unprecedented compliance rates among patients,” said Anthony White, vice president of marketing and SomnoMed Academy.  “We look forward to helping dentists introduce this solution in their practices to help patients sleep better, which in turn creates an overall healthier lifestyle.”

Registration for SomnoMed Academy is limited, and participants who reserve their seat before July 15 will receive a free demonstration model.  For more information about SomnoMed Academy, visit

Sleep Group Solutions, North Miami Beach, Fla, is offering an introduction to dental sleep medicine course in August at several locations in the United States. The course is designed to teach orthodontists and their staff how to begin implementing new screening, diagnosis, and treatment protocols for patients suffering from sleep apnea.

The course features 2 full days of instruction and hands-on experience. Attendees will have the opportunity to take diagnostic records, work with permanent and temporary oral appliances, and undergo a full 8-channel Embletta X100 portable sleep study and view the results the next day.

The course is available August 19 to 20 in Boston and August 26 to 27 in Burbank, Calif.

SomnoMed At SLEEP 2011 in Minneapolis

The annual conference SLEEP 2011 was held this year in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Every year it is the world’s most important SLEEP Dental and SLEEP Medical event. This year over 800 delegates attended the dental sleep conference of the AADSM (American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine) and more than 5,000 delegates joined the medical sleep conference of the APSS (Associated Professional Sleep Societies).

SomnoMed had a strong presence in both events and reported the highest number of leads and  professional contacts on record. It was a very successful event and again underlined the increasing recognition of SomnoMed as the world’s leading company in the Dental Sleep Medical field. Read the rest of this entry

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