Two Cookeville sleep centers have announced merger this week. Sleep Solutions of Cookeville has consolidated with the Sleep  Lab of Cookeville Regional, a move that will allow the CRMC facility to expand  its services, double the number of beds for studies and increase its staff  two-fold. The hospital’s board of trustees approved a $250,000  purchase price for Sleep Solutions, its assets and equipment.

With the merger, Sleep Solutions’ rented  facility on North Washington Avenue will close. The Sleep Lab at CRMC,  meanwhile, located on West Fourth Street, will double in capacity.

“We  were both two busy four-bed labs, and we decided it would be best if we joined  efforts,” said Scott Clayton, former CEO of Sleep Solutions and the new director  of the Sleep Lab of Cookeville Regional. “We will increase to six beds on  Tuesday and we’ll be moving to eight beds here as soon as possible.” Read the rest of this entry

Watermark  Medical Inc, Boca Raton, Fla, recently announced that it will offer CareFusion’s  NOX-T3 Home Sleep Testing (HST) device for the diagnosis of obstructive  sleep apnea (OSA). The NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor will be available  through Watermark Medical’s network and will expand the company’s HST  product line, which already includes the ARES wireless HST device.

“We are excited to add another HST option to our current offering,”  said Charlie Alvarez, president of Watermark Medical. “As obstructive sleep apnea(OSA) awareness increased and insurance companies are mandating a home sleep test option, availability of the CareFusion NOX-T3 home sleep testing device allows us to further expand the Watermark Medical platform and allow  other HST devices to access our extensive physician, sleep lab, and DME  networks.”

CareFusion’s NOX-T3 features an array of sleep sensors, including a  Bluetooth receiver. The product will be available via Watermark  Medical’s nationwide network in Q3 2011.

The American  Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) announced plans for its 2011 Sleep Apnea  Multi-Modal  Transportation Conference (SAMTC) on November 8-9, 2011, at the  Sheraton Baltimore City Center. Currently cosponsored by the Federal  Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Federal Railroad  Administration (FRA), this second in a series of health and safety  conferences focuses on the role of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)  management within the major modes of transportation, including air,  rail, ground, and maritime. Read the rest of this entry

The sleep medicine center opened a new diagnostic suite at the Holiday  Inn in downtown Bridgeport.

The hotel is renting out six rooms to the hospital, four of which will be  used for sleep studies on patients concerned about sleep apnea and other  problems. Patients would still go to the hospital for follow-up visits  and consultations.

Conducting sleep studies at hotels is something hospitals across the country  have experimented with, said Armand  Wolff, medical director for the sleep center. Being tested for a sleep  disorder at a hotel, for many people, is more appealing than going through the  same process at the hospital, Wolff said. “It’s certainly more comfortable for  our patients,” he said. “The rooms are much bigger here.”

Wolff said the hotel setting is particularly nice for pediatric patients, who  make up a growing percentage of the sleep medicine center’s clients. One of the  rooms in the suite is designed for kids, with two double beds, so parents can  sleep near their children as they’re tested. Patients also get to enjoy most of  the amenities offered to hotel guests, including high-speed wireless Internet,  use of the hotel’s parking garage, pool and fitness center and, of course, a  complimentary breakfast buffet after the completion of sleep studies.

The Bridgeport Holiday Inn is at 1070 Main St. For more information on the Bridgeport  Hospital Center for Sleep Medicine, call 888-357-2396.

Sleep Dynamics, LLC, a provider of mobile diagnostic and therapeutic treatment services, was launched today. Sleep Dynamics takes a customized and comprehensive medical-management approach that includes complete evaluation, thorough diagnosis, and appropriate treatment of sleep disorders — all based on the needs and convenience of its client companies and their employees, wherever it’s needed, whenever it’s needed.

“With more than 70 million people in the U.S. suffering from chronic sleep disorders, the need for our services is being recognized more every day,” said Mike Kutsak, Sleep Dynamics’ chief operating officer. “Employers who help their employees get proper diagnosis and treatment are helping to improve their health, their longevity, and their ability to function. They’re also protecting their businesses from lost productivity, increased likelihood of suffering accidents or injuries, increasing their costs for hospital services, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications, and escalating liability insurance premiums. That’s why we’re here.” Read the rest of this entry

SleepApneaDisorder/[Press Release ]/Minneapolis, MN/June 29, 2011/-Somnetics, International Inc., the maker of the Transcend travel CPAP, is pleased to announce the addition of four new dealers to its list of dealers selling Transcend. They include:

A.W.C.S. Medical
1392 Oliver, Ste D
Porterville, California 93257

AV Respiratory Services
1601 W Ave J, Ste 201
Lancaster, California 93534

Perry Home Medical Supply
530 Park Ave East
Princeton, Illinois 61356

Northshore Sleep Medicine
3451 Church Street
Evenson, Illinois 60203
847-674-3600 Read the rest of this entry

Research under way at the University of Arizona is revealing a connection between quality of sleep and the learning and memory functions in children with Down Syndrome.

“It’s well known that children with Down Syndrome are vulnerable to developing sleep apnea which results in pauses in breathing,” UA psychology student Jennifer Breslin says. Breslin has been conducting a study looking at children with Down
Syndrome and the occurrence of sleep apnea.

“if we can demonstrate that kids with poor sleep have poor cognitive outcomes, we can make a case for intervention and ultimately improving their behavior and learning ability,” she says. “If we could give these kids a better quality of life, that would be awesome.”

The developmental disorder is caused by an extra chromosome and is named after John Langdon Down, a British physician who described the illness in 1866. Read the rest of this entry

Insomnia, one of the most dreaded – yet highly common – is affecting more than 30% of the world’s population. Not surprisingly, people today have been found to experience 20% less of the good night’s sleep that people from 100 years ago tremendously enjoyed. Often caused by stress and anxiety or involving genetics, insomnia is prompting roughly 10 million Americans to pop prescription medicine to help them fall into a deep slumber.

As the number of “insomniacs” around the world soars, so does the need for trusted, relevant data on how alleviate the condition.

Established in 2005, aims to provide a wealth of facts and advice on a range of sleep disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and shift work sleep disorder. The website contains insomnia definition to help visitors understand the condition, while tackling in detail what causes insomnia and how to treat it. Read the rest of this entry

A recent study by the Center for Disease Control reveals that 29 percent of Americans get less than the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep each night.

To raise awareness of the need for better sleep, Piedmont Newnan Hospital is teaming up with the American Sleep Association to establish a local Alert, Well, and Keeping Energetic (A.W.A.K.E.) support group.

The group’s first quarterly meeting is open to friends, family members and patients with sleep apnea and will be led by board-certified physician, Vijay Patel, M.D. “Understanding Sleep Apnea and its Treatment Options” will be held tonight at 6 at the Sleep Center located at 20 Francis Way, Suite 150 in Sharpsburg. Read the rest of this entry

SleepApneaDisorder/[Press Release i]/ June 27, 2011/ Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE), a holding company that builds value in growth-stage life sciences and technology companies, today announced that it led a $35 million Series D financing for Baltimore, MD-based NovaSom, a diagnostics company enabling home diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Safeguard provided $20 million of financing; the additional $15 million was provided by existing investors, including TPG Biotechnology II Fund and Quaker BioVentures, among others. Proceeds from the financing will be used to fund growth, expand its leadership position in payer and provider markets, and develop additional innovations within the company’s proprietary NovaSom® diagnostic medical device and cloud-based MediTrack® Patient Management Portals. Read the rest of this entry

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