This weekend is Daylight Saving Time ! The Alarm clocks will be set ahead an hour in advance of the warmer weather.Statistically, accidents increase considerably the Monday after the time change. It is mainly because people condition themselves, particularly young people, to operate on a certain schedule and getting up earlier can easily make someone sleep deprived.

Depending on what you’re doing Saturday night and what you have to do Sunday morning, you’re going to lose an hour of sleep definitely. It’s always best to try and be prepared heading into the weekend.

You should try having a light meal for dinner the next few Saturdays and don’t rely on coffee, it could leave you more at risk.  Know the symptoms of fatigue before getting behind the wheel.

If you’re frequently yawning, if you feel less alert and you’re losing concentration and your thoughts are wondering (which happens to us at the best of times), but particularly if you’re driving and you’re drifting out of lanes of traffic, you find yourself correcting, you’re speed is unsteady and you’re going fast and slow.

And obviously, it is equally mindful of other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists on the roadway, they’re probably just as drowsy as you are.

Why Do We Sleep ?

Why do we sleep? We spend so much of our time sleeping that it must be doing something important. It seems pretty simple right? Not exactly. There are myriad theories about rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, however, scientists have spent many sleepless nights determining why we spend so many hours in light, dreamless slumber. Well, according to a new-fangled study, it is suggested that we are busy recharging our brain’s learning capacity during this traditionally undervalued phase of sleep, which can take up half the night.

Researchers at UC Berkeley have discovered convincing evidence that bursts of brain waves commonly referred to as “sleep spindles” may be networking between key regions of the brain in order to clear a path to learning. These electrical impulses assist in shifting fact-based memories from the brain’s hippocampus – which has limited storage space – to the prefrontal cortex’s “hard drive,” thus freeing up the hippocampus to take in new data. Spindles are fast pulses of electricity generated throughout non-REM sleep, and moreover can occur up to 1,000 times a night. Read the rest of this entry

Trouble sleeping? You’re Not Alone !

In fact, about 25 per cent of Canadians will have a significant sleep disorder in their lifetime, estimates Dr. Adam Moscovitch, who is known as the Sleep Doctor. “We have about 85 different sleep disorders that we can now recognize and treat,” said Moscovitch, an internationally recognized expert on sleep and fatigue disorders.

“Sleep deprivation as a result of not sleeping as much as we need, or because of an underlying sleep disorder, is becoming quite an epidemic. And we are paying a very heavy price for it — both individually and as a society.”

A sleep disorder should not be confused with an occasional sleep disturbance.Everyone has an occasional sleep disturbance. It may be in relation to a stressful period or worrying about something. A sleep disorder, on the other hand, is chronic.Insomnia, for example, is a sleep disorder. It includes: problems falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up too early, or waking up not feeling refreshed.

The consequences of sleep disturbance or sleep deprivation, can include:

Increased likelihood of accidents at work and at home; Fatigue; Increased likelihood of sleepiness; Increased irritability; Higher risk of developing a major psychiatric condition — in particular depression and anxiety disorders; Problems with memory, concentration, difficulties with decision-making, difficulty learning new things; may eventually affecting the immune system; Changes in appetite. [ Read Complete Post By Irene Seiberling At The Calgary Herald …   ]

A recent research study has revealed that regularly playing video games, involving combat and war, could help soldiers cope with nightmares and sleep better.

Jayne Gackenbach of Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada, surveyed 98 military personnel without pre-diagnosed mental disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) online, and found that those who played games like Call of Duty experienced less aggression and harm when they dreamt of war.

Those who abstained from playing video games found their dreams were more violent, and filled with feelings of helplessness, reports New Scientist. Read the rest of this entry

Types Of Respiratory Equipments

Respiratory equipments are one of the most blissful inventions in the history of mankind. The reason is because this machine has helped saved the lives of millions of people and is continuing to do so. Respiratory equipments are used by patients or people who are suffering from various sicknesses and breathing problems.

There are various types of respiratory supplies and these include oxygen analyzer which helps in providing continuous flow of oxygen to patients and these are mainly used on those patients who suffer from breathing problems or are undergoing any major surgery. These oxygen analyzers are mostly found in hospitals and in some cases might be at someone’s home as there are people who buy these machines and keep them at home for emergency purposes or they are advised by doctors to do so. Read the rest of this entry

National Sleep Awareness Week:Video-Part-2

National Sleep Awareness Week:Video-Part-1

Sleep Profile Of Americans

 Source :

Patients with obstructive sleep apnea who undergo surgery to improve their breathing get a better night’s sleep and therefore are less drowsy during the day, according to a new study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

The study finds surgery greatly reduces daytime sleepiness when compared to other nonsurgical treatments for obstructive sleep apnea.

“This study validates what patients have told us regarding their improved alertness after surgery,” says study author Kathleen L. Yaremchuk, MD, chair of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Henry Ford Hospital. Read the rest of this entry

The AASM has launched its “Out of Center Sleep Testing Accreditation Process.”

The accreditation program comprises an application process, review and site visit. Accreditation standards cover personnel, policies and procedures, patient evaluation and care.

“If testing is just made available in a helter-skelter fashion, without any link to patient care, all you’ll do is run up costs (to the health care system),” said Dr. Peter Strollo, president of the AASM. “What you want to gain with this technology is lower cost, improved access and improved care.” Read the rest of this entry

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