SleepApneaDisorder/[Press Release]/ HORSHOLM, DENMARK, September 29, 2010 /— Expopharm in Munich, from 7-10 October, 2010, is one of the exhibitions in Europe where TannerMedico A/S, the proprietary owner of the award-winning and clinically-proven Asonor anti-snoring remedy, has the opportunity to show the audience the benefits from using an anti-snoring remedy like Asonor.

The number of satisfied users increases every day. The more Asonor anti snoring remedies distributed, the more happy users we get, says Mr. Moller, CEO of TannerMedico A/S, the Danish manufacturer of the famous anti-snoring solution called Asonor. Read the rest of this entry

Riverside Medical Center’s 5th annual Achieve Women’s Health Expo will take place on September 25th with the theme “Achieve health, wellness, fitness, your dreams”. Achieve is a community-oriented women’s health expo through which one of the top hospitals in Illinois.

Riverside Medical Center will also be offering free health risk assessments for stroke, sleep apnea, respiratory and smoking.

If you live in Illinois and have the opportunity to utilize the many services of the hospitals in the Chicago area , you should definitely attend this expo.

There will be several free screenings to take advantage of: EKG, glucose, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, carbon monoxide, hearing, osteoporosis, vision/glaucoma, functional balance, cholesterol and pre-diabetes.

If you feel you may be at risk for any of these serious health factors, stop in and get a screening while it is on the house.

For more information about other quality services offered by Riverside Medical Center, visit : or call (815) 933-1671.

Exmovere Holdings, Inc., a company from Virginia  has announced that is is on the verge of launching its innovative “Exmobaby – biosensor pajamas” for babies that they say will help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The washable onesie will come with a baby-safe rechargeable Zigbee wireless transceiver that snaps into a pouch.

Exmovere CEO David Bychkov said that the data is transmitted to a nearby PC or cell phone in order to keep parents and other caregivers informed of the baby’s status. Read the rest of this entry

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Germany Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems Market Assessment and Forecasts to 2015” report to their offering.

This report provides critical market data on the patient monitoring and diagnostics sector in Germany. It includes key market categories – such as wireless hospital ambulatory monitors, multiparameter patient monitors, remote monitoring systems, blood pressure monitors, micro-electromechanical systems, cardiovascular monitoring systems, sleep apnea diagnostic systems, hearing diagnostics and glucose monitoring devices.

The report also provides market size of products in value ($mn), amp; volume (units) at each level of segmentation-, average selling price ($) for each product type (last level of segmentation), and market shares (%) of companies at sector and category level.

“Fulda Unitang Herbs Sleep Plus”, an unauthorized product promoted as an herbal sleep aid, has been found to contain high levels of the undeclared drug estazolam and may pose serious health risks to consumers. Estazolam is a prescription sedative that can impair mental alertness; it can also be habit-forming and should only be used under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.

Consumers who have purchased or used “Fulda Unitang Herbs Sleep Plus,” including pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, the elderly, people with respiratory (breathing), kidney or liver problems, people with depression and those with a history of substance abuse; and retailers who may have this product in stock.

Health Canada conducted a laboratory analysis of the product and found each capsule to contain 1.8 mg of estazolam, which is roughly equivalent to the maximum daily recommended dose for healthy adults. Taking the product as directed on the label (1-2 capsules daily) may result in consuming an amount that exceeds the recommended dosage. Read the rest of this entry

In a recently concluded research the researchers aimed to estimate the population prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in an urban community of German third graders (age range 7.3–12.4 yrs) and the diagnostic test accuracy of two OSA screening methods.

Using a cross-sectional study design with a multi-stage sampling strategy, 27 out of 59 primary schools within the city limits of Hanover, Germany, were selected. 1,144 third graders were screened for symptoms and signs of OSA using questionnaires and nocturnal home pulse oximetry. 183 children underwent abbreviated nocturnal home polysomnography (OSA definition: apnoea/hypopnoea index ?1) and 22 were diagnosed to suffer from OSA. Read the rest of this entry

SleepApneaDisorder/[Press Release]/CHICAGO/–LifeWatch AG , the leading provider of wireless remote telemedicine, announced today that Aetna now has a national contract with LifeWatch to provide access to the NiteWatch Home Sleep Testing (HST) service for their members effective September 15, 2010.

“The addition of NiteWatch service to the Aetna national provider agreement represents an important step in our goal to provide the highest quality diagnostic services at an economical delivery cost” Read the rest of this entry

What Are The Best Sleeping Positions?

What are the best sleeping positions?

Several World Wide Web searchers using Google, Yahoo, and Bing produced the following results. Up to 90% of popular websites and articles written by medical professionals that belong to largest world’s healthcare providers suggest that sleeping on one’s back (or supine sleep) is the optimum or ideal posture for sleep without quoting any specific medical references (zero evidence). Read the rest of this entry

New ResMed CPAP Device Increases Patient Compliance

SleepApneaDisorder/[Press Release]/ SAN DIEGO/ –ResMed , a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of sleep and respiratory medical equipment today announced the results of a clinical study confirming that patients’ compliance with sleep therapy increases when using ResMed’s new CPAP device. 

The clinical study of 50 patients suffering from sleep apnea showed an improvement of 30 minutes in average daily usage, from a mean of 6 hours 35 minutes on the patient’s usual CPAP device, to 7 hours 5 minutes, when using the new S9 Series. Read the rest of this entry

New Sleep Center Opening At Brooklyn

New York Harbor Healthcare System, Brooklyn campus, will officially open its state-of-the-art Sleep Center on Monday, Sept. 27, at 10 a.m.

Veterans of all ages can now be diagnosed and treated at VA for a wide variety of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, central sleep apnea syndromes, narcolepsy, as well as sleep problems associated with traumatic brain injury.

The Sleep Center will conduct home sleep studies for sleep apnea testing. Sleep apnea is one of the leading causes of excessive daytime sleepiness, which often goes undiagnosed. [Read Complete Release…]

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