Calgary Dentist Offers Snoring & Sleep Apnea Help

SleepApneaDisorder/[Press Release]/-Airdrie, AB, Canada (Vocus) September 6, 2010/Dr. Thayne Blunston, of  Blunston Dental Group announces the launch of his new website this year, designed and hosted by Roadside Multimedia.

The new site reflects the doctor’s passion for advancing his skills and offering the latest in dental science for patients in Airdrie and Calgary, AB.

Features of Blunston Dental Group’s new site include detailed descriptions of Dr. Blunston’s many areas of expertise, ranging from periodontal therapy, to teeth whitening, to treatments for snoring and sleep apnea, and everything in-between. Read the rest of this entry

The sound of any possible disturbance in the normal sllep during nights could be a very common symptom of sleep apnea.

The sleep apnea disorder has been established to be closely linked with excessive daytime sleepiness, heart disease, even strokes, now being diagnosed in a growing number of military veterans.

The veterans administration says about 20% of all vets suffer from sleep apnea and according to statistics released to The USA Today Newspaper, the number of vets receiving benefits to treat the sleep apnea disorder jumped 61 percent between 2008 and this year. Read the rest of this entry

New Sleep Center in Midlands,Columbia

Sleep experts are now working in the Midlands to fight back against disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia and narcolepsy that keep people up at night.

A new sleep center has now come up right here in Columbia is helping patients finally get a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Greg Cauthen says the earlier the better when it comes to identifying and treating sleep disorders. “Most people come to the center recognizing that they are sleepy during the day, they snore, and have trouble getting a good nights sleep.” He says sleep deprived patients can develop serious cardiovascular and neurological problems. Read the rest of this entry

A recently completed research evaluated insomnia symptoms and the extent to which they are associated with clinical and demographic patient characteristics, daytime symptoms, and functional performance in patients with stable heart failure (HF). 

In a cross-sectional, observational research study with a setting  as a five structured HF disease management programs in the Northeastern U.S.

This research study involved 173 stable chronic HF patients as participants.Full polysomnography was obtained for one night in participants’ homes. Read the rest of this entry

Recent studies suggest that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) causes thoracic aortic dilatation; but it is well accepted that hypertension can cause aortic dilatation, and hypertension is a common finding in patients with OSA.

The researchers at the” Cardiac Department and Department of General Medicine, National University Hospital, Singapore and National University Health System, Singapore” aimed to investigate the relative impact of OSA and hypertension on the structural and functional changes of the thoracic aorta.

This was an echocardiography substudy of a major prospective OSA study in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Read the rest of this entry

Young people are sleeping less. Short sleep duration has a range of negative consequences including a hypothesized link with psychological distress, which has yet to be studied.

In a prospective cohort study that involved community-based sample from Australia included  twenty thousand (20,822) young adults (aged 17-24) identified through the state vehicle licensing authority.

A random sample (n = 5000) was approached for follow-up 12-18 months later, with 2937 providing full data.

Psychological distress, determined by a Kessler 10 score > 21, at baseline; and as both onset and persistence of distress at follow-up. Read the rest of this entry

Metabolic syndrome (MetSyn) increases overall cardiovascular risk. MetSyn is also strongly associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and these 2 conditions share similar comorbidities.

 Whether OSA increases cardiovascular risk in patients with the MetSyn has not been investigated.

Researchers examined how the presence of OSA in patients with MetSyn affected hemodynamic and autonomic variables associated with poor cardiovascular outcome. Read the rest of this entry

According to the research findings published in the Journal SLEEP, the researchers hypothesized that the facial phenotype is closely linked to upper airway anatomy.

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between surface facial dimensions and upper airway structures using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in subjects with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Sixty-nine patients (apnea-hypopnea index ? 10/h) underwent MRI as part of a study of upper airway anatomy in oral appliance therapy in this cohort study. Read the rest of this entry

GE Healthcare MARS Virtual Sleep Lab (VSL)

The MARS VSL system is the first device to provide a streamlined view of quantitative cardiac and sleep apnea analysis from any GE-monitored inpatient bed, helping enhance speed of diagnosis.

The system is powered by diagnostic software that ultimately enables a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea right from the hospital bed. MARS VSL also enables quantitative Holter analysis for in-hospital cardiac patients.

The system directly links into the a central station monitor that assimilates real-time and historical patient data from multiple monitoring sources, allowing a quantitative Holter analysis to be immediately performed from any connected patient bed, without the need for locating and attaching additional monitoring equipment.

VirtuOx Inc, a medical technology services company that delivers home testing solutions, entered into an agreement with Watermark Medical, a company currently servicing the sleep-disordered breathing market, to utilize the Watermark ARES device in its portfolio, the VirtuOx Home Sleep Test (HoST) solutions.
Read the rest of this entry

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